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In March 2013, I visited IEEE AINA to present our paper “HIP security architecture for the IP-based Internet of Things” [1]. HIP is short for the Host Identity Protocol¬†which splits identifier and locator roles of IP addresses, e.g., for maintaining your TCP connections while running around town. HIP was indeed very hip at that time and led me to Budapest on another month and another paper.

Now more about running …

Total distance: 23.23 km
Max elevation: 184 m
Total climbing: 337 m

Where to start? My hotel was located centrally on¬†La Diagonal¬†which is a good place to start. Today, I’d recommend to stay in the old town, i.e., the Bari G√≤tic or Santa Catarina.¬†

Where to run?¬†Because of the city’s clear layout (the Mediterranean, the Gran Via de los Corts Catalanes, and La Diagonal serve for high-level navigation), just drifting around is definitely an option. Especially the old town is best discovered without a plan.¬†For a more sporty route, consider the one I ran which includes a couple of must-sees:

  • Pla√ßa de Catalunya: This is one of the most central places bustling with street artists, and pickpockets. Another advantage of discovering the city in running shoes is that the latter are no concern.
  • Mont Ju√Įc:¬†Running up the fountain steps (a highlight in itself), this gem offers the best view across town besides el Carmel on the north west. Drift around the Olympic Parc and make sure to pass the Telef√®ric and Castell de Mont¬†Ju√Įc to abash all those fellow tourists that have actually paid¬†to come up here while you’re burning calories and quadriceps.¬†
  • Port Vell:¬†Descending from Mont¬†Ju√Įc, Port Vell is the logical place to go. Run around Torre Sant Sebasti√† and avoid getting lost on the dead-end docks (as I did).¬†
  • Miles of city beaches:¬†From Port Vell, you can go for miles on the nice broad beach promenade. No street lights, a light crowd, and many other joggers and skaters. After going slow up and down Mont Ju√Įc, this is definitely the place to release the brakes and pick up your pace.
  • Las Ramblas:¬†The most known street for shopping in Barcelona. Crowded with people and cars, but has a nice promenade in the middle. Good place for some agility training.

When to run? Anytime, no excuses. It can get quite hot in summer but water supply is not a problem and you can go topless on the beach promenade.

If I could run this course again?¬†I would! But I’d sacrifice¬†Las Ramblas for the¬†Parc de la Ciutadella and Bari G√≤tic¬†on the way back. Parc Guell and El Carmel are a worthy encore for a separate run on the next day.

Total distance: 12.64 km
Max elevation: 265 m
Total climbing: 312 m

[1] [doi] V. F. Meca, J. H. Ziegeldorf, P. M. Sanchez, O. G. Morchon, S. S. Kumar, and S. L. Keoh, “HIP Security Architecture for the IP-Based Internet of Things,” in 2013 27th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, 2013, pp. 1331-1336.
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