Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf

Running business

During my PhD, I had the fortune to present my research at several international conferences. This meant long nights on the plane, too much coffee between sessions, and little physical exercise. Unsurprisingly, you also don’t experience much local culture (or even local weather) on a three-days conference trip spending most of the day within a climatized, window-less hotel meeting room staring at one slide set after the other.

On my first conference in Barcelona, I went for a quick run between the last session and conference dinner. With so many things to see, my run turned into a half marathon. Back then and there, I decided to do a half marathon on each of my future business trips.

Over time, I established a few ground rules to maximize my sightrunning experience:

  1. Nothing below 21.1 kms (half marathon distance) counts.
  2. No maps or smart phones allowed during the run.
  3. On red light, go right.
  4. If there are verticals, do them – the view is better from above.

Six years later, I have built a beautiful collection of half marathons (= memories) around the globe that I like to share here (coming soon…).

I’ll also include some memorable runs that have not originated from a business trip:

  • Schwerte (where I come from)
  • Aachen (where I went to)
  • Duisburg (my personal record)
  • Paris
  • Köln
  • Hamburg

These items are still on my bucket list:

  • Munich and Berlin (missing in my collection of Germany’s biggest cities)
  • Stockholm (childhood dreams)
  • New York
  • Lisbon
  • San Sebastian

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